Uninterrupted power supply for safe storage of a high-value cancer drug

“There was no margin for error”

Mark Dinneen, Project Manager, Imtech

“Due to the critical nature of this project and the high value of the product, it was imperative that there was an uninterrupted power supply”

Mark Dinneen

Project Manager at Imtech

This really changed the game plan

Dinneen continues: “This really changed the game plan. Because now, due to the critical nature of this project and the high value of the product, it was imperative that there was an uninterrupted power supply. There really was no margin for error. So, Energyst’s engineers told us that safe wasn’t safe enough. Even though the customer requested a back-up generator as a safeguard for the two prime power generators running in parallel, Energyst’s PJ Smyth wouldn’t settle for less than a perfect solution. He emphasised the pivotal importance of a more robust solution, to really ensure continuous power and give the pharmaceutical company greater peace of mind.

Not settling for a less than perfect solution

So, after analysing the situation and consulting with me and my client at their production site, PJ decided to not only supply the requested back-up generator, but provide an additional independent power generator for the highly valuable storage units, ready for immediate connection in the event of a complete plant failure. In addition to the equipment supply Energyst engineers were made available as well, to monitor all the equipment on-site 24/7 for the duration of the project. Moreover, PJ’s team wanted to ensure uninterrupted power by fuelling the generators over the holiday period. Energyst secured reliable fuel delivery on an almost daily basis for the duration of the project. A notoriously difficult task to undertake around New Year, as you can imagine. We are really grateful for that!”, says Mark Dinneen.

“The constantly evolving nature of this project required fast reaction times from Energyst and many changes had to be implemented in a very short space of time”

Paul Turley

Account Manager at Energyst Ireland

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“Energyst came up with the ideal solution, when we needed to provide back-up power that conformed to special emission specifications”



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