The Food & Beverage industry requires reliable, constant cooling.

Hundreds of thousands of consumers cannot go without their groceries!

Koos van der Helm, Sales Engineer, GEA Refrigeration Technologies

“Energyst responded immediately. Within only 6 hours they installed the additional capacity that solved the problem.”

Koos van der Helm

Sales Engineer at GEA Refrigeration Technologies

Pulling out all the stops to get the equipment up and running

To ensure the required constant temperature of 2°C in the distribution centre, Energyst put real energy into making all the arrangements for GEA’s customer. The team pulled together to transport and install the chillers and power generators, get the entire operation up and running, and ensure maintenance and fuel management, all in a very short time frame.

But sometimes, delivering a power and temperature control solution thoroughly and quickly is not enough.

During the test phase, it was discovered that despite accurate capacity calculations a small part of the distribution centre was not being cooled sufficiently. GEA’s Koos van der Helm: Energyst responded immediately. Within only 6 hours they installed the additional capacity that solved the problem.” As a result, GEA Refrigeration Netherlands were able to carry out a safe, thorough and complete maintenance job for the Dutch supermarket chain. And consumers throughout the Netherlands were assured of the continual flow of fresh and perfectly refrigerated goods!

How can we bring Real Energy to your world?

To find out more about our design and engineering expertise, or to ask our advice on power, heating or cooling, contact your nearest Energyst rental location or simply call 0845 769 7450. We will put all our energy into helping you find the right solution.

Technical specifications

The temporary power and cooling solution from Energyst for the supermarket chain’s distribution centre comprised 5x 500 kW chillers, 2x 500 kVA generators and 1 x 250 kVA generator; 15x 50 kW low temp air handlers, two 3,000 litre external fuel tanks and five 1,000 litre water tanks, together with power and water distribution ancillaries. Energyst also provided all of the transport, installation, commissioning, service & maintenance, and fuel management of the installation. Duration of the project: 13 February 2014 to 20 February 2014.


"There was no margin for error. Due to the critical nature of this project and the high value of the product, it was imperative that there was an uninterrupted power supply."



In emergencies, you need a fast and reliable partner with the equipment to keep your operations up and running. And for planned maintenance or during peak periods that demand more capacity, you also need a reliable temporary backup solution.


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