Energyst's custom solution was selected out of many for several reasons

From the Energyst South America team:

Our client needed a big power solution with the smallest possible footprint  

Cristián Gabriel Baeza Rodríguez, Application Engineer, Energyst Chile


The regional grid has become an unreliable source of energy.

Low investment combined with increasing daily demand for new and growing projects in the region have caused this situation. To ensure the mining company’s stable operations, and to help it maximise production capacity, our client wanted a temporary emergency power plant that could make up for this lack of energy reliability. Energyst provided. But we were challenged more than this.

To handle the complexity and geographical spread of the mining operations, leading communications technology was needed too.

The mining operations include the mining pits, waste disposal, ore stocking and processing, and transportation to a nearby shipping port. And – as a key extra requirement – the company’s strict environmental policies also stipulated minimal nitrous oxide and noise emissions.

“Clients feel we have a sincere desire to really understand their business and specific needs”

Joel Rodrigo Albornoz Morales

Project Manager at Energyst Chile

How can we bring Real Energy to your world?

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Technical specifications

This Energyst emergency power plant solution was configured using 17 CAT XQ2000 IPP model generators powered by a Caterpillar G3516B heavy duty engine that featured low noise levels of 75 dB(A) at 15 meters and low NOx emissions. Nine step-up transformers (4 MVA/13,8KV), one switchgear unit and three external fuel tanks with a capacity of 27,000 litres, as well as 4500 metres of LV cable and 1600 metres of HV cable completed the system, ensuring 23 MW of continuous power and making the mining location invulnerable to uncertain grid power. Project duration: 3 years, plus an option to extend by 2 more years.


"A steady power supply is essential in the catering industry, especially when temperatures reach record highs and it’s the festive season. Energyst’s solution truly alleviated a bad situation for our entire town."


Mines and quarries depend on reliable power to keep working at peak capacity and avoid dangerous and costly blackouts. With operations often taking place in remote and challenging off-grid areas, any interruption to your power supply can have far-reaching consequences.


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