We can talk about our real energy approach for screens on end. But you are more likely to believe representatives from companies such as yours. People who put their trust in Energyst, at times when only the best solution was good enough.

That’s why we present several projects here. Each with its unique challenging situation. Do you recognise yours?


A steady power flow is essential in the oil refining business. Especially during a high-stakes construction of a new energy plant.

“Since the final commissioning of Energyst’s power solution, SONARA has had a production of 100% without any power interruptions. That’s what we call Real Energy!”
Ibrahim Talba Malla, Chief Executive Officer, SONARA (Société Nationale de Raffinage) Cameroon

As a growing industry with an ever-increasing potential, energy is an important part of the Cameroon economy. SONARA (Société Nationale de Raffinage) owns and operates the only crude oil refinery in the country. As a temporary measure during the construction of a new power plant for the refinery, SONARA went to the market to seek a reliable partner to provide us with a 4 MW primary power solution whilst our new power plant was being built.

Moët & Chandon │ France

Putting Real Energy into creating one of the most exquisite products France has to offer

“Energyst continues to impress us year in, year out
by adding that extra spark to our production process.”

Luc Thiebault, Operations Manager Fluids , Moët & Chandon

The annual harvesting of wine grapes, or vintage, is one of the most crucial steps in the process of champagne making. Many factors play a role in ensuring a successful harvest. Moreover, keeping the grapes at the right temperature during each part of the process is of critical importance to achieve the highest quality required for Moët & Chandon’s end product. For more than a decade now and continuing until at least 2019, Energyst has proudly provided a tailor-made power and temperature control solution during the harvest.

Oil platform power for major global oil company │ Norway

The devil is in the detail with oil platform hook-ups like this one

“The stakes were high, so we upped our agility”
Stian Urdal, Account Manager, Energyst Norway

A limited amount of space can sometimes expand your horizon. In 2014, one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies - operating in 37 countries, employing almost 36,000 people worldwide and with their head office in Norway - asked Energyst Norway to provide a comprehensive, temporary power solution for their brand new, state of the art oil platform.

North Mole & South District power plant │ Gibraltar

Ensuring a reliable power supply in Gibraltar is a challenge every day

"At Energyst we always strive to overcome any barrier and exceed our clients' expectations"
Manuel Mendiola, Sales Manager, Energyst Mediterranean

Whilst a new power plant is being built to definitively supply the necessary power to meet both the business and domestic power needs of Gibraltar, the Gibraltar Electricity Authority (Gibelec) has relied on Energyst for a temporary power generator solution with maximum guarantees. Space constraints forced Energyst's application engineers to design a revolutionary stacked-generator power plant.

Enaco data center │ Sweden

Security and availability are critical for data centers all around the globe

“One can imagine the magnitude of this project and, of course, the sheer size of the data center itself. A project right up our alley, to say the least.”
Elin Uyttendaele, Sales Manager, Energyst Sweden and Norway

Black outs at data centers are extremely costly and increase the risk of data loss, which can have far-reaching consequences. So with uptime being of the essence, data centers must regularly carry out tests to ensure an uninterrupted power supply. And an uninterrupted service for their users. That is why Enaco, one of Sweden’s leading expert companies in designing, building, upgrading and servicing sustainable, energy efficient data centers contacted Energyst.

Crossrail Western Tunnels London │ UK

Portable, low emissions underground power solution for the Western Tunnels project

“Energyst makes custom solutions feel as easy and carefree as standard ones”
Peter Pearson, BAM UK

The Western Tunnels project is a 22 kilometer long tunneling project underneath the City of London. Not an easy task to take on, as you can imagine. Which is why BAM, Ferrovial & Kier (BFK) have teamed up to bring together their strengths in tunneling, civil engineering, and construction. To facilitate work in the transport tunnel, BFK asked Energyst for portable power.

Disney On Ice show tours │ Europe & Asia

Bringing the Disney magic across the globe

"Your commitment never ceases to amaze me"
James MaCloud, Ice Operations Technical Manager, Feld Entertainment

The Disney On Ice show literally travels around the world, bringing the Disney magic to millions of families. It goes without saying that their awesome shows require equally awesome power generation and temperature control. Energy solutions that Feld Entertainment used to rent elsewhere, but now they’ve teamed up with Energyst and recently Feld and Energyst signed a 5-year contract.

Leading global pharmaceutical company │ Ireland

Uninterrupted power supply for safe storage of a high-value cancer drug

“There was no margin for error”
Mark Dinneen, Project Manager, Imtech

The challenge was to set up power generators for the pharmaceutical company’s manufacturing site in Ireland. But – as the project kept evolving – this turned into a much bigger challenge, involving a custom power solution for safely storing a new cancer drug. It took all of our professional and personal engagement to deliver the best engineering solution to the customer.

Europe’s largest alumina refinery │ Ireland

Pulling out all the stops to keep the refinery working to its impeccably high standards

"Energyst prevented a damaged power cable from damaging our reputation"
JW, our customer's Electrical Technologist

Our customer is Europe’s largest alumina refinery. Also, it’s one of the most technologically advanced, energy-efficient facilities in the world. The refinery produces over 1.8 million tonnes of alumina per year, a fine white powder that is exported to aluminium smelters for processing into metal. But this enormous production nearly ground to a halt, because of a damaged power cable…

P&O Cruises Oriana │ UK

Always arriving and leaving on time is part of the positive passenger experience P&O aims for

“A cruise ship never waits for anything or anyone”
Key Account Manager Energyst

So, when one of its power generators had to be replaced, but maintenance was not scheduled for another twelve months, a temporary solution had to be found.

CATS musical tour │ Belgium, Netherlands & Luxemburg

Providing CAT power for the CATS Benelux tour
“From the very beginning of planning up to the first première, Energyst provided excellent and professional support. All changes were quickly dealt with and the material is very reliable. Your highly integrative and competent technicians helped to make all steps of the marquee system installation run very smoothly. Thank you all for your help.”
Mr. Thomas Luedicke, BB Promotion GmbH, Germany

GEA Refrigeration F&B distribution center │ Netherlands

The Food & Beverage industry requires reliable, constant cooling

“Hundreds of thousands of consumers cannot go without their groceries!”
Koos van der Helm, Sales Engineer, GEA Refrigeration Technologies

Reliable cooling is essential for the F&B industry. Not just because companies have to comply with regulations. It’s really all about preserving foodstuffs and beverages from spoiling and damage, ensuring business as usual for hundreds of outlets.

VU Medical Center Amsterdam │ Netherlands

Delivering reliable back-up power to keep hospital patients safe

“Energyst came up with the ideal solution, when we needed to provide back-up power that conformed to special emission specifications”
Michael Kleevens, Project Manager, Wolter & Dros Amsterdam

VU Medical Center, an Amsterdam based university hospital, is a long-standing customer of Energyst. So, when in December 2012 building works were on the agenda once more, we were called in to supply back-up power during the rebuilding of their fixed energy installations. Clearly, any type of building work concerning a hospital’s energy installations is always critical. And in this specific case lives were literally at stake…

One of the world’s largest copper mines │ Chile

Energyst's custom solution for one of the world's largest copper mines was selected out of many for several reasons

“Our client needed a big power solution with the smallest possible footprint”
Cristián Gabriel Baeza Rodríguez, Application Engineer, Energyst Chile

One of the largestest copper mines in the world, located in Chile, is Energyst’s client. Of course, that makes Energyst feel proud. This mine processes approximately 230 kilotons per day of copper ore. It’s only logical, that it depends heavily on power supplies. But when this power is supplied through the existing, vulnerable regional grid… a degree of uncertainty arises that is - understandably - unacceptable to our client.

Corrib Gas Onshore Pipeline Tunnel │ Ireland

Heavy duty power equipment and a highly committed Energyst team on site at the Corrib Gas Onshore Pipeline tunnelling project

“One year of constant heavy drilling, and not a single second of downtime”
PJ Smyth, Service & Maintenance Supervisor, Energyst Ireland

In January 2011, Shell Ireland was granted permission for the construction of the Corrib Gas Onshore Pipeline. One that is 8.3 km long, 4.9 km of which will be constructed within a tunnel running under the Sruwaddacon Bay tidal estuary in County Mayo. When constructed, the tunnel will be the longest tunnel in Ireland and the longest gas pipeline tunnel anywhere in Europe. You can probably imagine, this will take heavy and long drilling.

Cwrt Cottage Wales │ UK

Global coverage, local commitment

"Our CAT generator was returned to Cwrt Cottage and re-installed, now it is beavering away again every weekend and more keeping the lights on in the cottage - and the kettle, toasters, pumps, heating, immersion heater and the rest. All thanks to the generosity of Energyst and its enthusiastic staff - thank you from me and many hundreds of cottage users!"
Brian Gwynn, Cwrt Adventure Trust

ENARSA Guaminí Buenos Aires │ Argentina

Ensuring an Argentinian town’s Christmas festivities
“A steady power supply is essential in the catering industry, especially when temperatures reach record highs and it’s the festive season. Energyst’s power plant truly alleviated a bad situation for us, to the great relief of Vicente’s restaurant, and indeed the entire town.”
Daniel Martínez, Restaurant Chef, Vicente Resto Bar, Guaminí