The energy sector continues to face the long-term challenges of climate change, the depletion of fossil fuels and strong dependency on oil prices. Industrial companies are looking towards solutions that provide cheap and clean power, with renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, playing an ever-greater role.

Green solutions

To avoid power outages, renewable energy sources must be supported by conventional ones. Energyst’s backup power plants help to overcome droughts, limited sunshine and seasonal low winds that affect the power output of renewables. Exploiting Caterpillar’s huge R&D resources, we integrate our solutions into existing renewable energy plants. Their combination of diesel generator sets and renewable energy sources can reduce operating costs, CO2 emissions and dependency on fossil fuels.

Hybrid power systems

Combining two or more generating technologies, such as wind and diesel, creates a hybrid power system that benefits areas with an unreliable grid connection. A hybrid power system acts as a large UPS (uninterruptible power supply), using renewable and conventional energy to incorporate the best of each energy resource and provide ‘grid-quality’ electricity.


We are also developing combined power systems as newly integrated designs within small electricity distribution systems. Microgrids as they are called, are smaller versions of the traditional power grid. They bring the generation of power and its consumption closer together, reducing transmission losses and increasing efficiency.

At Energyst, we aim to make a long-term difference to local communities in terms of power generation, health and the environment. For both current and future generations, we recognise that our energy projects need to support this delicate balance

Our solutions that support renewable energy

Interoperation between renewable energy sources and our existing power systems (power generators);