Looking for a temporary or long-term power solution? Energyst’s medium- and high-speed diesel power generators have consistently proven their performance, reliability and safety across the world. Our power generator rental solutions meet a broad spectrum of output requirements and range from simple power sets to multi-megawatt installations.

As the world’s largest producer, Caterpillar is renowned for its high quality generator engines. With capacities from 810 to 2000 kVA, they provide the power you need to get the job done. Our generators are housed in robust cast-iron 20- or 40-foot CSC plated ISO containers, are easy to transport by road, sea or air.

The XQE line provides industry leading fuel efficiency (up to a 20% improvement) and excellent performance. Ancillaries ensure your power supply meets the highest safety standards, from HV and LV cables and powerlock connectors to fuel tanks, and 32 to 3200-A distribution boxes.

Energyst’s fuel efficient and low-emission CAT diesel generator solutions:

  • Are modular systems from 75 to 2000 kVA and beyond
  • Are easy to assemble, operate and maintain
  • Produce low emissions to meet or exceed local and national standards
  • Use DEIF generator controls, with 24/7 remote monitoring and fully automatic synchronization between the generators or with the grid for load shedding (peak shaving)
  • Come as standard with an internal, environmentally safe, double-walled diesel tank

Some advantages of diesel powered generators:

  • Significantly reduced overall fuel consumption
  • Cooler in operation, so easier to maintain and longer life
  • Highly reliable source of power

Diesel generator - 810-2000 KVA

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