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The potential of offshore wind

Offshore wind is already a major energy resource, and is growing rapidly. The high potential of wind energy at sea makes offshore wind zones highly attractive. The offshore wind energy industry allows wind farms to become a cost-effective and clean way to generate electricity.

Developing a large offshore wind project is a complex undertaking. Energyst understands that each of the phases of wind farm design, construction and operation have their unique challenges. These challenges include the harsh conditions during installation, operation and maintenance as well as the need for cost-effective and safe power solutions.

Power solutions for every stage of the offshore wind farm lifecycle

The realisation of offshore wind farms consists of multiple stages. Each of these stages depends on a solid supply of power, ensuring continuous and smooth control of the wind farm.

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  • Construction

Connecting the offshore installation vessels with the onshore grid can be a rather protracted process. However, uninterrupted energy is critical to secure continuous power to run construction equipment. Energyst provides generators to pitch the turbine blades on the hub and to safeguard the nacelles throughout the construction stage.

  • Pre-commissioning

During the pre-commissioning stage, Energyst’s rental power is used to inspect and test the turbines to make sure they are assembled properly. Standard tests allow our customers to quickly find broken or damaged components and to continue the operation with safe and reliable equipment.

  • Commissioning

The commissioning procedure is essential to deliver a fully operational wind farm. This stage is the most expensive part of its lifecycle and contingent on time pressures. To save our customers valuable money and reduce delays, Energyst allows turbines to be commissioned and start production by offering an uninterrupted power supply through generators and load banks. This has an immediate impact on the return on investment.

  • Post-commissioning

During offshore projects, extra checks might be needed during a post-commissioning phase to reveal weaknesses in the implementation. Low voltage rental power from Energyst is provided to power ancillary equipment; high voltage solutions can power the whole system if needed.

  • Operation and maintenance

For an offshore wind farm to run effectively, frequent maintenance is required. During periods of maintenance, Energyst offers power and cooling rental solutions to reduce downtime and minimise energy loss.

Energyst offers rental power solutions for every stage of the offshore wind farm lifecycle, ensuring the virtue of all implementations and maximizing the value of time at sea. Energyst’s capabilities for the wind energy industry include power rental solutions and equipment that fit all your specific needs.

Offshore power rental solutions

  • Wide range of temporary power, heating and cooling equipment
  • Customised equipment packages
  • Vast experience in serving the needs of utility providers
  • GWO certified staff including helicopter transfer
  • ISO & OHSAS compliant solutions
  • Achilles FPAL & JQS registered
  • 24/7 emergency service with rapid response from our offshore offices across Europe

Rig safe and NORKSOK DNV 2.7-1 certified offshore power rental equipment range

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