At Energyst, we know that saving space is key in the offshore industry. That is why we devoted considerable real energy to designing the most compact 1700 KVA offshore power generator on the market.

In collaboration with our partner Caterpillar, we developed a 1700 kVA power generator that fits inside a 20-foot container. Its innovative design saves you 50% of space and we are the first rental company in the world to introduce this ultra-compact, NORSOK Z/015 specified generator.

Energyst’s diesel-powered generators are built according to the latest offshore requirements to meet the demands of the energy sector. The key safety features within the CAT XQ power modules are fire and gas detection and suppression, air shut-off, spark arrestor, emergency stop and sea mist filter.

Energyst provides you with the offshore rental solution you need, wherever your project leads you.

Energyst’s NORSOK XQ1700 offshore power generator solutions:

  • Ensure safe and reliable equipment to secure your production
  • Are housed in a custom designed offshore rental package, including our custom built DNV 2.7-1 certified 20-ft ISO container
  • Save you up to 50% of space, one of the key challenges in the offshore industry
  • Provide flexibility for all types of end user operations
  • Include specially designed offshore transformers and fuel tanks

A few advantages of diesel-powered generators:

  • Cooler in operation, so easier to maintain and longer life
  • Easy to transport (even in remote areas)
  • Highly reliable power sources

Norsok XQ1700 Offshore Power Generator

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