Simply measuring fuel consumption in litres per hour may seem an easy way of comparing the fuel efficiency of machines. But context is extremely important. Idle time and working time are key considerations when determining which machines are the most profitable for your business. Fluctuating fuel prices can also prompt business changes to optimise fuel efficiency.

Right now, Cat® machines are helping customers realize incredible levels of fuel savings with no sacrifice in power. Energyst is determined to lead the way to the most fuel efficient way of working and the continuous improvement of Cat® machines prove that we can still gain much more profit.

Logging more idle time during a shift means lower fuel consumption, but this does not necessarily mean a benefit to your business. In fact, the extra idle time simply wastes fuel, drives costs up over the life of the machine and increases emissions.

The rate of fuel consumption is of course much higher when a machine is working through a whole shift without logging idle time, but this higher working time means more gets done, greater revenue is generated and there is increased potential for profit.

Key areas to look at for greater control of fuel efficiency include:

  • Equipment management;
  • Productivity;
  • Sustainability.

Technologies and services need to be flexible so they can be customised and combined to meet a company’s unique challenges. No matter what size your operation, you must be able to accurately and completely track fuel usage to identify where improvements can be made. Energyst provides professional advice regarding these possible improvements.

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