Sometimes you have to prepare for the worst. This is why we at Energyst think about what might happen during a sudden power blackout. We appreciate the importance of contingency planning, because a disruption in power can have many negative consequences for any company.

A power blackout is not always predictable or preventable. A fire, flood or unscheduled power failure can cause a protracted power outage. By planning for a potential power blackout, we reduce our clients’ concerns. Our contingency plans consider a company’s power needs and how to respond quickly when a power disruption occurs. We make sure your business keeps operating whenever your primary power is lost.

For contingency planning, we offer:

•   Engineers with extensive experience in contingency and continuity planning
•   Reliable CAT stand-by generators able to automatically start up when power is interrupted
•   A reliable solution to your problems which includes minimal downtime
•   A specific contingency plan, tailor-made to your organisation’s needs
•   24/7 service

If you do not want to be faced with an unwelcome surprise down the line, plan ahead! Energyst helps you prepare for incidents by setting up your own contingency plan to keep your business up and running.

Need help during an emergency or power blackout? It is only a phone call away. We guarantee a swift response and uninterrupted power.