Combined cooling, heat & power (CCHP), also known as trigeneration, is an extension of combined heat & power (CHP). While CHP only generates electricity and heat, CCHP adds cooling to the list. In other words, trigeneration or CCHP means some of the heat that is produced is also used to generate cooling energy.

Trigeneration systems consist of a gas engine, an electricity generator, a heat exchanger and an absorption chiller. The gas-fired generator produces heat as well as electricity. This exhaust heat is transported to the absorption chiller that uses it to produce cooling energy. The results are chilled water and/or hot water for air conditioning. The ratio of the electricity produced to the exhaust heat for the absorption chiller can be varied to meet specific requirements.

CCHP systems have many benefits, including:

  • Greater efficiency – a single fuel source for several forms of energy
  • They can be used as a backup power system
  • Reduced fuel and energy costs
  • Lower CO2 production compared to electricity produced from coal, whilst delivering the same amount of energy

At Energyst, we appreciate that safe and reliable energy production is fundamental to our customers. We supply energy rental solutions that allow you to re-use the heat generated by gas-powered generators and so reduce your costs with this highly efficient technology for supplying energy locally.

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