Energyst CAT Rental Solutions recently expanded its fleet with 80 new air-to-air heaters, thus strengthening its expert position in the field of temperature control. These new heaters, with a capacity up to 350 kW, are particularly suitable for heating spaces like temporary housing facilities, event marquees or as a temporary replacement of existing heating equipment.

The heaters operate with an indirect heating system, separating the inlet air from the air heating system, thus guaranteeing clean injection air. All new machines are equipped with thermostatic controls and a user-friendly control panel. They are equipped with the latest technology oil burners, and with high performance air fans capable of raising higher pressures. Direct driven fans reduce noise, increase reliability and reduce maintenance costs. The 260 and 350 kW units have speed driven fans, increasing the comfort and reducing noise. The 115, 175 and 350 kW models have a decreased footprint compared to previous versions.

The heaters can be equipped with a gas burner if required, allowing you to use the existing gas supply network and thus saving on diesel costs. Our heaters use indirect heating with a closed heating system that separates the fresh air inlet, thus guaranteeing clean injection air. They have thermostatic controls, with an easy-to-use control panel.

Additional features include:

  • Compact, strong type of unit for quick outside assembly.
  • Forklift guides for mobile use
  • 4x lifting eyes
  • Stackable
  • Heating element 100% made of stainless steel

It goes without saying that Energyst’s experts can not only advise on the temperature control rental solution that best suits your needs, but also on legislation and regulations regarding the use of temporary installations. For any temporary energy requirement please contact your nearest Energyst office or send an email to Alternatively you can visit the Heating, Cooling or Power sections of our website.