Rolling blackouts are intentional power cuts to reduce the load on a power system. Typically with some advance warning and lasting a fixed amount of time, rolling blackouts are more common in developing countries where there is the possibility that electricity generation is underfunded or the infrastructure is poorly managed. A rolling blackout, also known as load shedding or peak shaving, can have different causes including power production problems, fuel shortages, and antiquated systems.

In more developed countries, where demand is generally accurately estimated, there is sufficient infrastructure investment and networks are well managed, rolling blackouts are less common. Yet even when there is a reliable power infrastructure, there can be rolling blackouts. In times of peak demand, power companies may still be forced to cut power.

Because a rolling blackout is intentional, it is less likely to damage the power network than an unexpected power outage. Power companies treat rolling blackouts as a last resort, and try to minimise the periods and affect as few customers as possible.

A rolling blackout usually only affects a specific region because a power company will try to spread blackouts among several service areas so that no particular area suffers more than another.

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