During peak periods of power demand, utility companies in some countries cannot always generate sufficient power. In South Africa, for example, when performing maintenance on a power plant. For such times, there are various techniques to reduce consumption. One of these is peak shaving.

Also known as load shedding or rolling blackouts, peak shaving is used to compensate for the power shortage. Utility companies follow a strict schedule in which they shut down power to certain parts of the country for certain periods to avoid the power demand reaching such a high level that it causes a black-out. But even though these times are scheduled, having no access to power is costly and inconvenient for companies and consumers.

To address this, companies can use one or more power generators during peak shaving or load shedding periods. Energyst provides various generators, transformers and ancillaries to meet the temporary power demand. Our fuel efficient and low-emission CAT diesel generators can be used stand-alone or combined in modular systems from 75 to 2000 kVA and above. The DEIF generator control system provides 24/7 remote monitoring and fully automatic synchronisation between the generators or with the grid for peak shaving.

We’ll give you the specialist advice you need to decide on your exact solutions. If a standard solution is not sufficient we will create a custom solution to suit your requirements.