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In order to be able to satisfy basic human needs, such as clean water and health care, access to uninterrupted energy is critical. However, there are still more than 1 billion people who lack access to electricity and even more people who need access to a reliable grid. Today, technology allows the use of hybrid micro networks with generation and distributed accumulation. These hybrid microgrids provide value by integrating renewable energy, such as solar power, with generator sets. This results in reliable, cost-effective and sustainable energy.


Microgrids improve environmental performance and energy reliability. A microgrid is smaller than a conventional power grid, and can operate independently. It can be seen as a small-scale power supply network, designed to provide power for a small community. While a primary grid provides power through a single connection, a microgrid is an electricity distribution network composed of distributed generation, storage and load, managed from the larger transmission network.

The main aim is to ensure local, affordable and reliable energy for urban and rural communities, islands and remote operations that have limited or no access to primary grid power. The more power produced at a local level, the less a community needs to import it from outside plants or the main network.


Traditionally, microgrids have used diesel generators and backup systems but they also offer a way to bring more renewable energy sources into the energy mix, like solar, wind power and hydropower. These renewable energy sources are highly available, have minimal impact on the environment and are cost-effective. However, the reliability of supply cannot be guaranteed, since renewable energy relies heavily upon the amount of rain, wind or sunshine. In order to provide a continuously supply and to avoid power outages, renewable energy sources must be supported by conventional ones.


Energyst’s backup power plants help to overcome power shortages due to droughts, limited sunshine and seasonal low winds that affect the output of renewable power sources. Whenever a hybrid microgrid encounters a failure in the supply of energy from the primary grid and renewable energy is not available, Energyst will make sure that your electrical power systems will meet the demands and that power is uninterrupted.

Energyst’s power rental equipment is suitable for hybrid power generation. We offer reliable power solutions, from a few kilowatts to multi-megawatts:

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