Electrical generation and transmission systems may not always meet peak demand. At Energyst, we can help you guarantee power and reduce the risk of downtime. Our power generators provide back-up power as a controlled response during peak periods when demand threatens to exceed supply.

In developing countries such as South Africa, Rwanda or Kenya intermittent power distribution and power blackouts due to high demand are well known problems. Back-up power manages these problems. Immediate causes for load shedding can be, for instance:

  • Reduced production by equipment failure and/or damage to power generating stations (such as nuclear power stations, coal plants etc.);
  • Reduced production of renewable energy due to climate / weather conditions;
    • Lack of water holds back hydropower operation during drought seasons;
    • Wind-still weather holds back wind power operations;
    • Less hours of sunshine holds back solar power operations;
  • Stagnated supply of electricity due to poor maintenance of power lines;
  • Peak in demand due to heatwaves;
  • Structurally insufficient production of electricity on all sources to meet the high power demand;
  • Sudden power failures and downtime and/or widespread blackouts.

Our back-up generators distribute the electricity equally to keep the power load in balance. These back-up power generators only operate when load shedding is applied and take over immediately when required.

Our total solutions combine fast deployment with the very latest technology and techniques, and we will work closely with you to define your exact requirements.

To learn more about how we can help to manage back-up power during load shedding, contact us now.