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Energyst’s temporary power plants provide and secure power for various types of demand and markets, like utilities and mining. The two most important applications are providing main electricity for remote areas, primarily mining projects, and main electricity supply to power utilities for power purchase agreements (PPA).


Energyst provides power rental solutions for both short-term and long-term power needs. Consider rental instead of purchased solutions to reduce Capex. We offer prime, back-up and emergency power, engineered to your specific requirements – anything from a simple generator set to a multi-megawatt power plant.


As a subsidiary of Caterpillar and its dealers, Energyst is an official CAT Independent Power Producer (IPP). We have vast experience in supplying PPA solutions to utilities across the globe. With our vast fleet of CAT diesel and gas generators, we can create our own power plants and provide power to the electricity grid.


To avoid power outages, renewable energy sources must be supported by conventional ones. Energyst’s backup power plants help overcome the limits to power output of renewables. Exploiting Caterpillar’s huge R&D resources, we integrate our diesel and gas powered generator solutions into existing renewable energy plants.
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Hybrid microgrids provide value by integrating renewable energy with generator sets, resulting in reliable, cost-effective and sustainable energy. A microgrid is smaller than a conventional power grid, and can operate independently as a small-scale power supply network, designed to provide power for local communities.
Offshore solutions


Offshore projects require equipment that meet the highest standards of safety and reliability, at low cost and with minimal environmental impact. At Energyst, we understand these specific needs. You can rely on non-stop power anywhere in the world, through our high-quality CAT power solutions and the global CAT dealer network.
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Developing a large offshore wind project is a complex undertaking, with challenges such as the harsh conditions during installation, operation and maintenance as well as the need for cost-effective and safe power solutions. Energyst offers tailored solutions and certified offshore equipment for every stage of the wind farm lifecycle.


It is vital that power supply meets demand. However, if demand exceeds grid power availability, that may result in short-term or long-term loss of power. Energyst understands the importance of continuous power capacity and provides you with the best solution to keep your business up and running, even in times of power shortage.


Power cuts can wreak havoc on your business processes. To protect your business from interruptions, a reliable contingency plan is essential. Whether for emergency or standby power, or power for planned maintenance, we can supply base-load power or power to increase production during periods of peak demand.


Businesses that serve public interests and/or needs, such as hospitals, data centres and airports, are committed to functioning 24/7. Energyst offers a range of power generators for rent that will protect your activities from possible blackouts. And of course, all our power solutions are customised to meet your specific requirements.
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Energyst makes sure your business is prepared for any blackout by providing fast and flexible services during sudden power blackouts. We offer backup and emergency power generators that take over when primary power is lost, and tailored contingency plans to make sure you are well prepared in case of a blackout.


Electrical generation and transmission systems may not always meet peak demand. At Energyst, we can help you guarantee power and reduce the risk of downtime. Our power generators provide back-up power as a controlled response during peak periods when demand threatens to exceed supply and load shedding is applied.


Even though power shutdowns during peak shaving are scheduled, having no access to power is costly and inconvenient for companies and consumers. Our temporary backup and emergency power solutions combine fast deployment with the latest CAT technology, and are custom engineered to meet your requirements.


In case of a rolling blackout, our back-up generators distribute the electricity equally to keep the power load in balance. These back-up power generators only operate when load shedding is applied and take over immediately when required. CAT gas and diesel power generators are renowned for their safety and reliability.


It’s easy to understand why any initiative that promises to reduce capital investment and transform it into smoother operational expenditure is extremely attractive for businesses. Renting power generation equipment allows you pay only for the power capacity required, with the possibility to scale as requirements change.