Cost effective rentals help you minimise downtime and focus on production. You get the reliable power to keep working at peak capacity and avoid costly and dangerous outages. That helps improve mining safety, with supplies that are extremely durable and “designed for mines”. We will happily customise a system to your needs.


You want a fast, flexible and agile response to keep oil and gas flowing. Whether you need temporary or uninterruptible power, our technicians can help. Our supplies are built to the highest safety and reliability standards, and we’ll customise them if needed to suit your exact requirements.


Utilities have to deliver services come what may – otherwise their customers can lose more than just power. We can help you guarantee power, heating and cooling. That cuts the risk of downtime, with advanced technologies minimising greenhouse emissions. And it is the commitment and enthusiasm of our people that set us apart.

ENARSA Guaminí Buenos Aires

Energía Argentina Sociedad Anónima (ENARSA) is a private company created by the Argentinian government to manage the country’s energy resources. In November 2013, ENARSA asked Energyst to put together a power solution for Guaminí, a rural town in the Buenos Aires province that was blighted by periodic energy cuts during periods of peak consumption. And just one month later, an extraordinary heat wave made the situation even more critical.

North Mole & South District power plant

Whilst a new power plant is being built to definitively supply the necessary power to meet both the business and domestic power needs of Gibraltar, the Gibraltar Electricity Authority (Gibelec) has relied on Energyst for a temporary power generator solution with maximum guarantees.

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One of the world’s largest copper mines

Of course, that makes Energyst feel proud. This copper mine processes approximately 230 kilotons per day of copper ore. It’s only logical, that this copper mine depends heavily on power supplies. But when this power is supplied through the existing, vulnerable regional grid… a degree of uncertainty arises that is – understandably – unacceptable to our client.

The Kipoi copper mining project

It’s the problem the Société Nationale d’Electricité (SNEL) were facing when they contacted Energyst. Why? SNEL could not supply the required 12 MW for the first stage of the expansion of mining operations called ‘The Kipoi Copper Mining Project’, let alone the additional 16 MW for later expansion. The national grid could only deliver 4 MW.

Oil platform power for major global oil company

In 2014, one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies – operating in 37 countries, employing almost 36,000 people worldwide and with their head office in Norway – asked Energyst Norway to provide a comprehensive, temporary power solution for their brand new, state of the art oil platform.