Ensuring a reliable power supply in Gibraltar is a challenge every day

“At Energyst we always strive to overcome any barrier and exceed our clients’ expectations”

Manuel Mendiola, Sales Manager, Energyst Mediterranean

“With the challenges of overcoming extreme space limitations in Gibraltar, Energyst went above and beyond the limits of engineering.”

Cutting edge generator technology combined with top-notch engineering

Energyst’s Sales Manager Manuel Mendiola reflects on the magnitude of the challenges faced by Energyst. “Our remit was to establish two power plants using cutting-edge generators, met with the added challenge that the available space to implement our solution was extremely limited. We could only meet this challenge by going above and beyond the limits of engineering.”

Energyst had to reach new heights to meet this project’s expectations

“Energyst literally took this project to new heights. The engineering innovation did not come from the generators themselves, but from the ingenious structure that unites them.”, Mendiola continues. Energyst’s highly specialised engineers came up with a way of stacking the generators, using a customised structure for each generator which had to be durable enough to withstand more than 30 tons of weight. By implementing this revolutionary stacking method, we were able to use the space originally allocated for the generators twice as efficiently.

Innovations of this scale do not happen overnight

The project was meticulously planned over several weeks. Both sites had to be fully prepared for the complex construction. We had several contractors building the structures. Safety and security were major factors at all times whilst working in such a limited space with a large workforce. Each part of the project provided several risks, one being working at dangerous heights. Detailed risk assessments were carried out at both sites prior to the start of the project, and monitoring of safe operations at both locations is still very much ongoing.

“The dedication and teamwork of the Energyst staff responsible for the project, gives a totally new meaning to the term ‘24/7 commitment'"

Luís García

Project Manager at Energyst Spain

How can we bring Real Energy to your world?

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Energía Argentina Sociedad Anónima (ENARSA) is a private company created by the Argentinian government to manage the country’s energy resources.
In November 2013, ENARSA asked Energyst to put together a power solution for Guaminí, a rural town in the Buenos Aires province that was blighted by periodic energy cuts during periods of peak consumption.
And just one month later, an extraordinary heat wave made the situation even more critical.



An uninterrupted power supply is essential in daily life. In many situations, a rental power plant is the best solution to secure that power supply.
Power utility companies have to deliver, no matter what, otherwise their customers may lose more than just power.
From supplying complementary power for unreliable grids to provide multi-megawatt power for projects in remote, off-grid areas, a power plant is the solution to keep your power supply secure and your business up and running.


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