The devil is in the detail
with oil rig hook-ups like this one

“The stakes were high, so we upped our agility”

Stian Urdal, Account Manager, Energyst Norway

“Our team worked around the clock to ensure the units would be able to meet our client’s high demands.”

Stian Urdal

Account Manager at Energyst Norway

Energyst decided to strengthen the ties with the client by fully involving them in this process.

“The stakes were high, so we upped our agility. Our team worked around the clock to ensure the units would be able to meet our client’s high demands”, Urdal says. “The units had to maintain functional under extreme tolerances. Therefore, the client’s input was of the utmost importance. Besides a visit to our factory in Germany where the units were being built, we organised weekly conference calls with our customer to discuss every single detail.”

Cooperating with the client further increased Energyst’s engineering focus.

As well as our constant pursuit of perfection. Urdal explains: “As soon as the units were finished we transported them to Norway where we carried out a number of tests. Normally these take several weeks. But with the oil platform soon arriving in the North Sea, we could only perform the most essential ones before delivering the units offshore. You could say they practically went straight from the factory to the oil rig. But we were confident the units would function perfectly. Nevertheless, it was quite exciting to find out how they would perform. They stood the test and performed flawlessly. Just as we had expected.”

“One of our biggest challenges was the limited amount of square metres available on the drilling platform. Luckily we had some tricks up our sleeves.”

Stian Urdal

Account Manager at Energyst Norway

With every unit in place, the project was in the hands of Energyst’s trusted technicians.

Urdal: “From August to December we had specialists on site 24/7. They performed maintenance checks and made sure that no major errors occurred. They were part of our client’s team and went out of their way to ensure a smooth and especially carefree hook-up.” The client finished the job in December but wanted the Energyst material to remain offshore. In April and May of 2015 they needed extra power to run more power security tests. After yet another period of testing, the project came to a successful end and the equipment was shipped to an Energyst depot in Norway. “We only had one week to thoroughly test and prepare the generators for their next project. When our customers discovered that we had built these two unique, high power units, they became highly sought after to say the least!”

In the end, Energyst met the customer’s expectations. And exceeded them.

The Energyst team employed all their knowledge and expertise. And engineered a completely new and one-off product. Stian Urdal: “This project has been very challenging and rewarding at the same time. It’s amazing to see our team really came through for this client. We were recently informed that our customer has discovered more recoverable oil in the North Sea. We are proud to have been a part of this success!”

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