Ensuring a comfortable stay for the guests of Studio 100’s pop-up theater

By providing a customized temperature rental solution

Our client brings a smile to people’s faces every day
Studio 100 is an international production company that has been active in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years. The company produces several tv-shows, musicals, concerts and has multiple theme parks. With their productions, they put a smile on people’s faces every day.

Pop-up theater

Studio 100 created a pop-up theater, a semi-permanent event venue. At this moment it accommodates the musical ‘40-45’. In the upcoming years the pop-up theater will be used for all kinds of events, ranging from musicals and concerts to sports gala.

Therefore, it needs a reliable and flexible solution for heating and cooling. Studio 100 chose us as their partner because we are able to provide a customized rental solution including engineering, installation, maintenance and 24/7 service.

A flexible solution for heating and cooling
We offer a solution ensuring a constant inside temperature of 21°C. The system operates automatically and is monitored remotely. Our service team is available 24/7,  making sure both the guests and the crew of the pop-up theater feel comfortable and enjoy a great event.

“We are very happy with the cooperation with Energyst, they are always looking for solutions that we both can benefit from.”

Mr. de Geeter, Director Procurement, IT and Facility – Studio 100

CATS musical tour | Belgium, Netherlands & Luxemburg

BB Promotion, Germany’s largest producer of musicals and other live entertainment events, turned to Energyst to provide the temporary power supply for the CATS musical tour across the Benelux. "From the very beginning of planning up to the first première, Energyst provided excellent and professional support. All changes were quickly dealt with and the material is very reliable."


Disney On Ice show tours | Europe & Asia

The Disney On Ice show literally travels around the world, bringing the Disney magic to millions of families. It goes without saying that their awesome shows require equally awesome power generation and temperature control. Energy solutions that Feld Entertainment used to rent elsewhere, but now they’ve teamed up with Energyst and recently Feld and Energyst signed a 5-year contract.


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