With uptime being essential to data centers, regular systems testing is of vital importance.

“Energyst literally went the extra mile to complete the job”

Elin Uyttendaele, Sales Manager, Energyst Sweden and Norway

“One can imagine the magnitude of this project and, of course, the sheer size of the data center itself. A project right up our alley, to say the least.”

Elin Uyttendaele

Sales Manager at Energyst Sweden and Norway

The classified nature of the job provided an extra challenge.

The engineers and technicians at Energyst knew they had to put real energy in delivering the best solution in order for the client to get the job done. Which tests had to be carried out was unknown to Energyst, due to the classified nature of the client’s operation. “But we immediately felt the importance of helping our client to keep it going”, explains Uyttendaele. “The data center is used for telecom, as well as military and governmental services. Power outages mean data loss, communication problems and, inevitably, the complete shutdown of crucial public services that the Swedish people need on a daily basis. So we pulled out all the stops to analyse our client’s needs and come up with the perfect solution.”

Energyst had already worked with this client on several successful load bank projects.

This meant the client was familiar with the first class Energyst equipment and, moreover, with the expertise and dedication of the people at Energyst. “When we say we can engineer a secure, reliable solution, we always deliver. We’ll never make promises we cannot live up to”, says Uyttendaele. “Our solution consisted of a large 3MW load bank and seven smaller ones for use inside the center. The small units our client requested presented us with a big challenge, and really put our team to the test. The units could only be placed inside the data center using one access point: a small door of only 1.2 metres wide. And to complicate things even more, the units had to be light enough to be placed manually. Since our standard Energyst fleet didn’t include these small, lightweight load banks, we had to go above and beyond to aqcuire them. And meet the deadline.”

“We are always 100% committed to meet our client’s demands. In this particular case, we were the only partner that could deliver the units that they needed.”

Elin Uyttendaele

Sales Manager at Energyst Sweden and Norway

Thanks to Energyst’s extensive European network, the units soon came within reach.

In close cooperation with the customer’s main project supervisor, Energyst was able to collect the required units from Energyst depots in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Spain, The Netherlands – and Sweden. Elin Uyttendaele: “A logistic challenge that our team took on with great confidence. We got the job done in time, without having to make adjustments when the load banks were installed. Energyst literally went the extra mile to complete the job. For this project, small details had a massive impact. So we had to make each and every decision count. Our team showed once more that real energy comes from Energyst.”

Our personal and professional commitment makes the difference.

Elin Uyttendaele explains that truly understanding the client’s request was the key to succesfully completing this project. “We are always 100% committed to meet our client’s demands. In this particular case, we were the only partner that could deliver the units that they needed. Our large network and 24/7 support were decisive factors for the customer to entrust Energyst with this project. We proudly look back on the smooth cooperation with our client. It really took all of our personal and professional commitment. And that, in the end, makes all the difference.”

How can we bring Real Energy to your world?

To find out more about our design and engineering expertise, or to ask our advice on power, heating or cooling, contact your nearest Energyst rental location or simply call 00800 3637 4978. We will put all our energy into helping you find the right solution.

Wide range of load banks for resistive & reactive testing

A load bank will give you all the information you need about the performance of your unit or system under full or partial load. We have a range of smaller load bank hire solutions with robust modular chassis/canopy construction for single or three phase testing up to 1000 kW per unit, 10-foot containers for 3000 kW and 20-foot containers for 5000 kW. These units can test AC supplies at unity or variable power factor, along with battery discharge and UPS units.



Together with airports and data centers, hospitals belong to the so-called Critical Facilities: operations for which 100% reliable power supply is crucial. But sometimes, something more is required. VU Medical Center, a university hospital in the Netherlands, demanded a low emissions back-up power solution. Which we custom-built to meet their requirements.


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