Tailored power solution for P&O Cruises Oriana

Energyst sails into new horizons

The end of May saw a colossal achievement for Energyst CAT Rental Solutions when they installed a 1250kVA power generator and transformer package onto the P&O Cruises ship Oriana. The loading of the tailored marine-specified 660-voltage generator commenced in the early hours just after the P&O cruise ship docked in Southampton at 5am on 27 May. When in position the generator was welded to deck 13. Two Energyst engineers sailed with the ship to complete the installation of the oil and gas generator to ensure the cruise itinerary was adhered to.

This inaugural cruise industry contract for Energyst is the start of big things to come. The company, part of Caterpillar and its subsidiaries, had been in talks with P&O since the initial site preview in May 2014. Many procedures had to be fulfilled, including certification from Lloyds Register, prior to the eventual fit.

Richard Betteridge, Key Account Manager for Energyst, who managed the project, commented: “The job was prompted due to the ship’s emergency generator requiring maintenance. The rental solution was ideally suited to allow the ship to remain at sea with no downtime.”

P&O Cruises Oriana offshore transformer NORSOK power generator Energyst                    P&O Cruises Oriana NORSOK offshore power generator transformer Energyst                    P&O Cruises Oriana offshore NORSOK power generator transformer Energyst

The cruise industry relies heavily on strict deliverables to meet its perpetual itinerary. The next Oriana dry dock is scheduled for December 2016 therefore the Energyst power generator provides an effective interim solution. This project clearly identifies the fit for purpose capabilities of Energyst and the capacity to fulfil bespoke requirements. The team excel at working closely with customers to build a tailored solution as opposed to out-of-the-box equipment.

The generator installed on the ship was chosen specifically because of the NORSOK fire detection and fire suppression system. In the event of any fault, the bridge is immediately informed and a safety suppression system is activated.

Oriana is exclusively for adults only and following the Energyst power generator and transformer installation it set off to sail on a ten day Iberia trip to include La Coruña, Cádiz, Málaga, Tangier and Lisbon.

Energyst CAT Rental Solutions can deliver its total solution of Caterpillar power generation and temperature control equipment right across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, serviced from depots in Dublin, West Midlands, Essex, Aberdeen and Leeds. Energyst, which has just celebrated its 11th anniversary, believes it’s the only UK supplier that is now able to offer ‘global service on a local scale’.

General Manager Owen Ward says the Energyst team have undergone a transformation over the past couple of years and have emerged with an eager enthusiasm and drive to find the right power solution for their customers. “The ‘can-do’ way we respond to a call is what makes us different. It shows how committed we are to getting the right outcome. This is the Energyst philosophy. We also have the power of the Caterpillar brand behind us so customers know they can rely on us 24/7, 365 days a year.”

“We’re confident that we can provide the total rental solution for power generation and temperature control on a small or large-scale basis right across the UK.”