It is vital that the supply of power meets the demand for it. Sometimes this does not happen though, especially during peak periods when demand is higher, or in areas where there is a growing number of consumers.

When demand exceeds grid power supply, such an imbalance may result in a short- or long-term loss of power. Energyst understands the importance of continuous power capacity and provides you with the best solution to keep your business up and running, even in times of power shortage.

To compensate for power shortages, utility companies commonly employ peak shaving, in which they shut down power to particular parts of the country for predefined periods according to a strict schedule. This prevents demand reaching such a level that it causes a blackout. With Energyst, you have a variety of options to either buy or hire power generators that will protect areas from power shortages and blackouts.

Whatever causes a power shortage, our power generator solutions will provide the backup power you need. As soon as a power failure or an excessive peak in demand is detected, one or more of our back-up generators will take over.

Apart from supplying the best possible CAT power rental solutions for power shortages, we also provide power for:

  • Planned power shutdowns
  • New construction and extension projects
  • Meeting seasonal changes in power demand
  • Everything from small-scale projects to major installations

To find out more about our power shortage solutions, contact us.