Power plants will generate main electricity for off-grid areas and for PPA’s

Energyst’s temporary power plants are able to provide and secure power for various types of demand and markets, like utilities and mining. The two most important applications are providing main electricity for remote areas, primarily mining projects, and main electricity supply to power utilities for power purchase agreements (PPA). From supplying complementary power for unreliable grids to provide multi-megawatt power for projects in remote, off-grid areas, a power plant is the solution to keep your power supply secure and your business up and running.

Power plants, or power stations, generally consist of a number of generators running continuously to produce prime power and a number of back-up generators for standby power. The generators supply the power that is needed. Back-up generators take over in case of planned or unplanned outages, or at times of peak demand.

Apart from a range of diesel fuelled gensets, we also have custom gas fuelled gensets available for hire. These gensets can form a modular system from 1000 kVA up to a multi-megawatt power plant. If used in conjunction the power modules, are connected through DEIF controls for optimal performance.

Power rental solutions for mining and utilities

An uninterrupted power supply is essential in daily life. In many situations, a rental power plant is the best solution to secure that power supply. Remote, off-grid areas like mining sites are frequently confronted with insufficient or interrupted supply of power. However, for any mining project it is critical to be self-sufficient in terms of electricity to make sure production does not come to a halt due to a power outage. Power utility companies have to deliver, no matter what, otherwise their customers may lose more than just power. That is why they need to be assured of continuous reliable power supply.

A temporary power plant can also be a valuable addition to a renewable energy network, to make up for lows in solar, hydro or wind power production or to supply complementary power in case of peak demand.

Energyst power plant hire solutions

Energyst provides power plants hire for every situation. We offer various power plant hire solutions, from delivering uninterrupted power for mining projects in remote areas to supplying PPA or IPP solutions for utilities. Our CAT generators are known to be efficient, reliable and safe. These generators are housed in robust cast-iron 20-foot (diesel only) or 40-foot (diesel and gas) CSC-plated ISO containers that are easy to transport by road, sea or air. Our experienced application engineers can design a custom power plant solution that best suits your needs.

Our power plants can supply temporary power for utilities companies to support a utility grid whilst upgrading, and they can power remote areas not yet connected to the grid network. Apart from a large fleet of diesel generator rentals we also offer gas powered generator rental solutions for power plants. Gas fuelled power modules offer various advantages, of which the low fuel cost is probably the most important. Additionally, gas is widely available world-wide through pipeline networks and LNG terminals. Energyst’s gas generators are suitable for use in harsh environments.

Applications for temporary power plants

Our power plant hire solutions support a range of applications.

Long term solutions:

  • Prime power for off-grid locations;
  • Standby power for areas with unreliable grid power supply;
  • IPP (Independent Power Production) or PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) solutions for power utilities.

Temporary solutions for utilities:

  • Overhead line replacement or maintenance;
  • Upgrades or replacement of existing equipment;
  • Network emergencies and unplanned outages;
  • Periods of exceptional demand to prevent load shedding and peak shaving;
  • Stand-by power for plant construction.

If you want to know more about our power plant hire solutions, please contact us.