To prevent interruptions in your business process you will need a solid contingency plan to protect yourself against a possible power outage.

Businesses that serve public interests and/or needs, such as hospitals, data centres and airports, are committed to functioning 24/7. Energyst offers a variety of options to hire power generators that will protect  areas from possible blackouts.

Unscheduled power disruptions have many causes – from damage to transmission lines, faults at power stations, substations or other parts of the network, to short circuits and overloads of the mains supply. As soon as a power failure or an excessive peak in demand is detected, one or more of our back-up generators will take over.

Besides the best possible CAT power rental solution for sudden failures, we also provide power for:

  • Planned power shutdowns
  • New construction and extension projects
  • Meeting seasonal changes in power demand
  • Everything from small-scale projects to major installations

To find out more about power outage, please contact us.