A short- or long-term loss of power can wreak havoc on your business processes. To prevent interruptions, a reliable contingency plan is vital. Take the proper precautions and protect yourself and your business from power cuts.

What to do to prevent downtime in case of a power cut? In order to deliver a total solution Energyst offers a variety of options for the hire of power generators that protect against blackouts. Organisations providing essential services, such as hospitals, data centres and airports, cannot afford a single minute of downtime. Our back-up generators protect life and property from the consequences of losing the primary electric power supply. As soon as a power failure or excessive peak in demand is detected, one or more of our back-up generators takes over. In cases where emergency power is needed we are able to move fast and flexible to make sure downtime is limited. Energyst will quickly deliver a suitable generator.

Whether for emergency or standby power, or power for planned maintenance, we can supply base-load power or power to increase production during times of peak demand. Apart from the best possible CAT power rental solutions to safeguard against sudden power failures, we also provide power for:

•   New construction and extension projects
•   Meeting seasonal changes in power demand
•   Planned power shutdowns
•   Everything from small-scale projects to major installations

To find out more about the impact of a power cut and the solutions we provide, contact us.