National power grid

Energyst UK and Ireland, one of the few companies with G99 and G10 approval

The Triad season of 2019 has started. Meaning that in the late afternoons of November until February the power demand increases, as well as the energy prices. Due to this increase, the national grid can become unstable and at-risk of being unreliable. To support the local grid for “Demandside Power”, we can add reliable power generation.

Mr. B. Hughes, Application Manager UK Ireland, explains that supplementing our energy to the grid, also known as peak shaving, will make power cheaper for factories during the Triad season. Because of the connection to the national grid, tight regulations called G99 (United Kingdom) and G10 (Ireland), have to be followed. To get this approval status, we undertook development and testing of the generator beyond its normal operation, to protect the national grid at a higher level and to prevent the risk of unnecessary impact e.g. blackouts.

Our team has worked for over 6 weeks to demonstrate that our generator can synchronize in a way that supports the national grid stronger and with more flexibility than anyone has ever done before. After processing the internal testing, the Distribution Network Operator confirmed that we comply to G99 and G10.

Our hard work has paid off. As one of the few companies in the United Kingdom and Ireland, we are now officially G99 and G10 approved. With our proven knowledge and highly-skilled engineers, we are able to install generators according to the G99 and G10 requirements from now on. We are more than ready for the Triad season!


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