Energyst CAT rent power generator transformer load bank backup emergency

When a company faces a loss of electrical power, it has to find a way to replace its supply. If no backup power is immediately available, a cause can be a natural disaster the backup power fails to work properly, it must turn to an emergency power system.

At Energyst, we understand that in such an emergency you need a fast and reliable partner. A partner able to deliver and set up equipment you can rely on as quickly as possible to minimise the disruption. Our highly responsive service team will find the best solution for your problem. We will provide a temporary power backup to get your business up and running again fast.

We work closely with many CAT dealers around the world. In line with the CAT philosophy all local dealers take safety seriously by meeting all the relevant electrical standards and legislations.

In an emergency, Energyst provides:

  • A fast and responsive team with 24/7 service
  • Reliable equipment to get your company up and running again
  • Rapid response

To find out more about our design and engineering expertise in emergency or backup power, or to ask our advice on power, heating or cooling rental solutions, contact us.