Heavy duty power equipment plus the commitment of the Energyst team

“One year of constant heavy drilling, and not a single second of downtime”

PJ Smyth, Service & Maintenance Supervisor, Energyst Ireland

The building of the tunnel requires the use of a large tunnel boring machine (TBM).

Following in a long tunneling tradition of naming TBMs, the Corrib TBM has been named ‘Fionnuala’, a name derived from Irish mythology, meaning ‘white shoulder’. And a very strong shoulder as well, as it turned out. Conditions under which it had to perform were quite challenging. Naturally, because of the enormous amounts of rock, stone, sand and mud it had to drill through. After initial positioning, assembling and commissioning Fionnuala began her 18 month journey in January 2013. The single shield TBM is 140 metres long, weighs almost 500 tons and comprises 14 sections. The 28-tonne cutter head drills under the Sruwaddacon Bay using a combination of cutter discs, scrapers and buckets and it has two 400 kW motors to turn it.

‘Fionnuala’ might mean ‘white shoulder’ in Irish, but – if anything - it turned out to be quite strong as well.

That is to say: together with Energyst. During the project the main utility in this part of Ireland failed on occasion due to severe weather conditions. But because Shell Ireland was using Energyst generators, they suffered zero downtime and could keep on drilling. And, May 2014, as a result of an outstanding process and a truly committed team, Fionnualla ended her 4.9 km journey. With 40,000 engine running hours clocked up on the generators, and with lots of long days and nights servicing and maintaining the power plant Fionnualla, powered by our highly reliable 810 kVA generators and 1600 kVA transformers, came out at the other end of the Corrib tunnel.

“We are proud to say, that because of our 24/7 commitment on site, combined with our reliable CAT hardware, our client was always 100% carefree.”

PJ Smyth
Service & Maintenance Supervisor at Energyst Ireland

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