Achilles is an external body that verifies a supplier’s status as a trusted partner, by assessing their supply capabilities and compliance with industry legislation.

UVDB, Sellihca & Repro

Energyst has recently been audited by Achilles. Part of the recent assessment involved an independent site audit where Energyst was awarded 99% for health & Safety and 100% for quality, environmental and social responsibility. Energyst now holds the full Achilles Utilities UVDB Verified Accreditation. In addition to Achilles UVDB UK, Energyst also holds the Sellihca for both Norway & Sweden and Repro Spain Utilities accreditation.

achilles uvdb sellihca accreditation energyst supply chain


In addition to these Utilities accreditations, Energyst holds the Achilles FPal and JQS for the Oil & Gas industry, plus RISQS for the transport Industry. Our ongoing success with Achilles is in addition to the full accreditation of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 held at all of the countries and regions we operate in.

achilles fpal jqs accreditation energyst cat rental power


Energyst is committed to exercising environmental stewardship in our dealings with customers, employees, community neighbours and governments in meeting our obligation to future generations.  Our promise to our clients on a global scale is that we engage with real energy to make a difference.

At Energyst we focus on customer intimacy and trust. It gives us the opportunity to challenge the way things are done. We want to get to know our customers’ businesses inside out, so we can ask the questions that will lead us to the most incisive solutions. Solutions that go beyond the obvious and get to the heart of the challenges our customers face every day.

For more information about the Achilles supply chain management system, visit their website. For detailed information about Energyst’s accreditations, please contact Trudi Pesci, Bid Manager, via trudi.pesci@energyst.com.